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USR-TCP232-302 / RS232 to Ethernet converters

USR-TCP232-302 / RS232 to Ethernet converters
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USR-TCP232-302  /  RS232 to Ethernet converters

1 port RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 can transmit data transparently between TCP/IP and RS232. RS232 to IP Converters USR-TCP232-302 are widespread required in industrial automation. Simple configuration and easy to use.

● Single RS232 to ethernet converters
● Cost-effective
● RS232 port
● Power supply: DC 4.75-7V
● Compact, Light Weight
● Supports TCP server/client, UDP server/client
● Virtual COM

System Information
Processor TI Cortex-M0
Port Number 1
Interface Standard RJ45
Rate 10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX, auto switch between cross and direct connection
Protection 2KV electromagnetism isolation, shell insulation blocking
Buffer Send: 6K bytes, receive: 4K bytes
Serial Port
Port Number 1
Interface Standard RS-232: DB9 female port
Data Bits 5, 6, 7, 8
Stop Bit 1, 2
Check Bit None, Even, Odd, Space, Mark
Baud Rate 600 bps ~ 230.4 Kbps
Flow Control Null
Buffer Receive: 800 bytes
Virtual Serial(USR-VCOM) Windows 2000 or higher (32 bit/64 bit)
Configuration Computer set-up software, serial command, built-in webpage
Basic Parameter
Size 71 x 60 x 25 mm
Operating Temp. -25 ~ 75°C
Storage Temp. -40 ~ 105°C, 5 ~ 95% RH
Input Voltage DC 4.75 ~ 7V
Working Current 150mA @ 5V
Power <1W
Warranty 2 years
Accessory 5V1A power supply
Certificate CE/FCC/RoHs

Work mode

TCP Server

RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 monitor the set port and waits for a TCP client connection.
Data from the serial device will transmit to all successfully-connected TCP clients.

TCP client mode

RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 will initiate TCP connection to the destination IP address that
configured by the user and USR-TCP232-302 will continuously try to reconnect if establishing TCP connection
unsuccessfully. If the USR-TCP232-302 establishes TCP connection to TCP Server successfully, it can realize
bidirectional data transparent transmission between TCP Server and the serial device.

UDP mode

RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 will transmit serial data from serial device to target network device
by UDP connection. USR-TCP232-302 will listen to port and transmit all received data to serial device.

httpsD Client

RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 supports https Client mode which can transmit serial data
to the https server in https format(GET/POST).

Synchronous Baud Rate

Dynamically change baud rate, data bit, check bit and stop bit of serial device server via network command.

Identity packet function

When RS232 to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-302 works as TCP Client, it can send identity packet to TCP server
which can be identification. Identity packet can be IMEI code, ICCID code and user editable identity packet.

Serial & Network Heartbeat Packet

RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 maintain the normal connection with the server by
sending heartbeat packet regularly.


[ Unattended Weighing ]

Connect RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 to barrier gate and they can realize
remote control of barrier gate by Ethernet in control center.

[ Traffic Lights Management System ]

Connect RS232 to Ethernet converter USR-TCP232-302 and it can realize traffic data acquisition and processing
by Ethernet in control center. It can also provide accurate quantitative basis for traffic dispatch
management and urban transport planning Can implement the optimum control for transportation phenomena
such as traffic jam, traffic accident, traffic capacity from a regional or global perspective.


download [User Manual] USR-TCP232-302 Quick Start Guide

download [Datasheet] USR-TCP232-302 Datasheet

download [User Manual] USR-TCP232-302-User-Manual_V1.0.3.01

download [FCC Certificate] FCC Certificates for serial to Ethernet Modules 2019

download [Certificate] ROHS2.0-Certificates-For-Serial-Etherent

download [Certificate] M0 Series CE FCC ROHS WEEE Certificate

Development Files

download [Socket_Demo]


download [USR-VCOM] VCOM_Setup_EN_V4.0.6.1

download [USR-TCP-Test] USR-TCP232-Test-V1.3

download [Setup Software]USR-M0 V2.2.3.286.exe

download USR-VCOM_V3.7.2.529_Setup

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