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CNC & 3D Printer Parts

CNC & 3D Printer Parts
Model: 17HS
Tehnical specifications: * Step: 1.8 degrees; * Current: 1.7 A; * Rated voltage: 3.4 V * Phase resistance: 3 ohm * Holding torque: 0.35 Nm; * Inductance: 2.5 mH; * Dimensions:     * Body: 42 x 40 mm;     * Length: 34 mm;     * Shaft diameter 5 m..
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Model: MD556
Features Patented technology Pure-sinusoidal precise current control technology Extreme low motor noise Both driver and motor low heating High performance, low cost Supply voltage up to +50VDC, peak current to 5.6A Optically isolated differential input signals Pulse frequency up to 400 KHz..
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Model: A3987
Description: The EasyDriver is a simple to use stepper motor driver, compatible with anything that can output a digital 0 to 5V pulse (or 0 to 3.3V pulse if you solder SJ2 closed on the EasyDriver). EasyDriver requires a 7V to 20V supply to power the motor and can power any voltage of stepper motor...
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Model: M415
Features: 1. Working power supply 9 V ~ 42 V . 2. Maximum drive current 4 A . 3. the input signal is high-speed optical insulation . 4. provide semi-automatic current locking function . 5. built-in thermal protection and overcurrent protection . 6. Designed in a small size and convenien..
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Model: CNC-SV3
Description: This shield (HCARDU0086) is designed to allow you to control a CNC router or milling machine from an Arduino board. It contains 4 driver sockets which allows compatible Pololu A4988 driver modules to be inserted (see HCMODU0068 on our website) providing the ability to drive 3 stepper..
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Model: TB6560
The TB6560 Driver Board 3A CNC Router Single 1 Axis Controller Stepper Motor driver board is for axis control with Input signal high-speed optocoupler isolation, the large heat sink to ensure good heat dissipation. Stepper motor driver is Semi-flow mode adjustable, semi-flow..
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