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Chemical Equipments

Chemical Equipments
Model: Liquid (FeCl3)
1 Kg Ferric Chloride Solution 40% (FeCl3) Working Strength for PCB Etching Description PCB Etchant liquid (FeCl3) use to dissolve copper in PCB fabrication process.   Product Applications  Ferric chloride is mainly used for the sewage treatment, the dehydration of the sludge, th..
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Model: 3 In 1
TDS EC Temperature Meter Digital Water Tester  Description: MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL 3-in-1 DIGITAL TDS METER 1. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) - parts per million 2. Electric conductivity (EC) - microsiemens 3. Temperature meter - Fahrenheit and Celsius Features: 1.This is a..
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