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Industrial Equipments

Industrial Equipments
Model: 4000W
4000W High Power SCR, TRIAC, Voltage Regulator This is a thyristor module that can control a maximum power of 4000 W. It is used to control voltage applied to AC equipment. It uses phase cut such as sinusoidal signal cut causing a voltage average at its output. It is similar to the PWM signal,..
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Model: CH340G
CH340G USB to UART Converter Description: This module is based on the CH340G USB to UART interface chip converter, which can be used to easily add USB connectivity to your projects. Features: Full support: WinXP , Win7 ,Win8, Vista Imported brand new original control chip PL2303HX, ..
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Model: CP2102
CP2102 USB to UART Converter Description: The USB converter to Serial CP2102 is useful for communicating between a 3.3 V or 5 V micro controller and your computer. The USB converter to Serial CP2102 is useful for communicating between a 3.3 V or 5 V micro controller and your computer. Sp..
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Model: 2000W
DC Motor Speed Control PWM HHO RC Controller 12V 24V 48V 40A 2000W MAX PWM Controller Module with Switch Description Power requirement:10-50VDC Rated current: 40A(Maximum output current)Frequency : 12000HZ It is fit all kinds of general-purpose and have a DC motor speed with brush. All kinds ..
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Model: 20A - 600W
DC Motor Speed Control PWM 9V to 60V - 20A - 600W Description This 20 A PWM driver module with reverse polarity protection and high current protection makes it reliable and safe to use. Please note that the module will burn when the wires are connected incorrectly.   ..
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Model: ZVS Step-up
DC-DC 8~32V to 45~390V High Voltage Boost Converter ZVS Step-up Booster J7E1 Description This is a power supply module which is very useful in obtaining higher voltages from the lower voltage at a maximum current of 5 A. Specifcations: Module Name: High Voltage boost module Module Prope..
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Model: Programmable 
Digital LCD Timer Electronic 7 Days Programmable  Descriptions: The digital LCD timer Din rail weekly program digital time switch have a wide screen, display more information.  Feature :    Ideal for household use in DB Boards 3500 Watt / 16 Amps 24 hours / 7 ..
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Model: XH-W1209
Digital Temperature Controller XH-W1209 Product description This thermostat is controlled by S T chip, digital display, easy to view High accuracy temperature control probe, excellent temperature control performance and precision. Wide temperature control range, simple setting, can be directly..
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Model: DS-1
Digital Thermometer DS-1 Product Description The Digital Thermometer DS-1 is a very useful measurement tool used to measure the in door and out door temperature,  You are easy to get the temperature reading. Features: Two probes measuring two-way temperature (internal and extern..
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Model: Panel
Digital Voltmeter 22mm AC 60 -500V Volt Voltage Description: It is digital voltage tester signal indicator, high brightness LED display and cylindrical main body. The meter can only use to measure AC electricity. It can be used as signal indication, warning signal, accident signal and other ..
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Model: Panel
Emergency Stop Push Button Switch Description: Push to stop and lock, twist to reset, 2 screw terminals, 1 NC contact type, mushroom emergency stop push button switch. Compact structure, quick and gentle to operate. Easy to use and install. Can be used to control the electromagnetic s..
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Model: Switch On-Off
Foot Pedal Switch On-Off Control Descriptions: Our foot pedal switch is made of high quality plastic material, eco-friendly, durable and sturdy to use. It has a light weight and reasonable size, with this switch, it can help your hands to on work by your feet controlling the power.  Fe..
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Model: HE-70
Gas Leak And CO2 Detector Descriptions: Natural gas methane gas propane leakage detector test measurer home safe Voice warning determines the type of danger - Audibility: 85dB ( at 1m distance ) The new design gas leak alarm fits for home and other places, it is an ideal component to prote..
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Model: Gold
Home Electricity Power Energy Saver 28KW Descriptions: Easily insert into a wall socket and it will save electricity once current flows Made of high quality material, stable and long-lasting. It could meet different load conditions &  home application and commercial voltage. Feat..
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Model: NPN - 10mm
Inductive Proximity Sensor NPN 3 wire 12mm Description: Detection of presence of ferrous and non-ferrous objects. contactless, wireless, dirt resistant, reverse polarity and short circuit  protection. Specification: Type: NPN Part number: LJ12A3-4-Z/BX   ..
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Model: NPN - SN04-N
Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch SN04-N  Description: The proximity switch is a high-frequency oscillation type, which sends a detection signal quickly, without pressure, no pressure, without a spark, to drive the relay or logic gate. It has high sensitivity, fast frequency response, hig..
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Model: E18-D80NK
IR Obstacle Avoidance Proximity Sensor E18-D80NK Description: E18-D80NK IR Obstacle Avoidance Proximity Sensor E18-D80NK adjustable IR Infrared Proximity Sensor Switch features an IR sensor. The E18-D80NK adjustable IR Infrared Proximity Sensor Switch features an IR sensor that can measure ..
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Model: YN5205
Isolated RS-232/RS485 to 4 Port RS485 Hub Industrial Ethernet module   Description: This product is RS-485 bus split hub (HUB) designed to complex electromagnetic environments a RS-485 large-scale systems require  This product supports transmission rates of up 115.2kbps, in order ..
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Model: THM-20
Mini Digital Thermometer and Humidity Panel Meter Use Way: Put in the water tank that you want to measure. The indoor temperature and humidity display. Default celsius temperature. When the measured temperature is below -50 ℃, display LO ℃. When measured temperature is higher than 7..
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Model: FT-SCF11R-D3S20
Mini Media Converter Net Switch - 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-FX  (20Km) Description: Mini 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-FX Media Converter Intro:The mini 10/100/1000Base-TX to 1000Base-FX (also can be forced to 100Base-FX) media converter is fully compliant with IEEE802.3U, IEE..
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Model: TPM-10
Mini Temperature Panel Meter Features: Simple style and apperance LCD display screen Insert design Two button batteries for longer use time Damp-proof anti-interference Suitable for all kinds of refrigerant equipments such as refrigerant cabinet, display cabinet and so on. ..
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Model: RTU 2CH
Modbus RTU 2CH 12v RS485 module Description: 2 channel relay output (one normally open and one normally closed) STM8S103F3 MCU 2 channel optocoupler isolation 2 Relays Close LED Indicators Round DC interface and terminal DC interface. Convenient power wiring (supply voltage 12V) 2 channel..
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