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Motors & Drivers

Motors & Drivers
Model: L9110S
  Quantity: 1  Color: Black  Material: PCB board  Dual L9110S chipset motor driver  Input voltage: 2.5V~12V  Current: 800mA  Can drive two DC motors, and a 4-wire 2-phase stepper motor  Great for DIY project Dimensions: 1.22 in x 0.87 in x 0.47 in..
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Model: SG90
SG90 9g micro Small Servo Motor 1.5KG Description:  The SG90 9g micro small servo is a metal-geared analog servo from Power that delivers extra-high torque normally associated with much more expensive or larger servos. Specifications: T-pro Mini Servo Motor SG-90 9g Servo  Bes..
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Model: L298N H
L298N Module Dual H Bridge Stepper Motor Driver Board Modules Specification: Driver chip: L298N dual H-bridge driver chip Terminal driver part of the supply area VMS: +5 V ~ +35 V Drive part of the peak current Io: 2A / Bridge Logical part of the terminal power supply range Vss :4.5-5..
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Model: A3987
Description: The EasyDriver is a simple to use stepper motor driver, compatible with anything that can output a digital 0 to 5V pulse (or 0 to 3.3V pulse if you solder SJ2 closed on the EasyDriver). EasyDriver requires a 7V to 20V supply to power the motor and can power any voltage of stepper motor...
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Model: L293D
L293D Motor Drive Shield For Arduino - UNO & Mega Description: Arduino 3S Motor Driver Shield The Arduino 3S Motor Driver Shield includes 4 H-Bridge drivers, allowing you to control up to 4 DC motors with independent control of speed and direction from your Arduino UNO, Diecimila, Duemila..
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