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Measuring Devices

Measuring Devices
Model: PS-305DM
30V 10A Adjustable DC Power Supply Precision Variable Dual Digital Lab Test 220VAC 50Hz Daily Deal Selected Product Details:   Features:     Dual LED Three Digital Tube Display     Constant voltage and constant current operation mode (C.C and C.V. auto..
JD 60.00
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Model: LVC1500
Capacitance Meter LVC1500 9 measuring ranges: 200pF: Max read 199.9pF / resolution 0.1pF / frequency 800Hz 2nF: Max read 1.999nF / resolution 1pF / frequency 800Hz 20nF: Max read 19.99nF / resolution 10pF / frequency 800Hz 200nF: Max read 199.9nF / resoluti..
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Ex Tax:JD 18.00
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