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Electronic Components
Brand: Atmel Model: Serial EEPROM
24CXX​ Two-wire Serial EEPROM  Description: The AT24C01A/02/04/08A/16A provides 1024/2048/4096/8192/16384 bits of serial electrically erasable and programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) organized as 128/256/512/1024/2048 words of 8 bits each. The device is optimized for use in many ..
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Model: NPN
2N2222 NPN Transistor Description: 2N2222 NPN Switching Transistors  Low Power Bipolar Transistors Features: High current (max. 800 mA) Low voltage (max. 40 V). TO-92 Package Applications: Switching Medium power amplifier..
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Model: Ceramic
Ceramic Crystal Oscillator 455KHz Description: Use this Crystal Oscillator in applications where low frequency clock signal is needed. Specifications: The Ceramic Crystal Oscillator CRB455E CRB 455E 455KHz. DC withstand voltage: 50V Input voltage: 15V MAX Frequency(F0):455KHz Mode of..
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Model: 10 PIN
DIP Slide Switch 10 PIN Description: This is a 10 position DIP slide switch. In layman's terms, it's a component with ten slide switches that can be used to control various components in your circuit. The pins on the slide switch are compatible with a standard breadboard. Spec..
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Model: HT12E + HT12D
The HT 12E Encoder ICs are series of CMOS LSIs for Remote Control system applications. They are capable of Encoding 12 bit of information which consists of N address bits and 12-N data bits. Each address/data input is externally trinary programmable if bonded out. The HT 12D ICs are series of CMO..
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Model: GL04M
Reed Switch Magnetic 3V to 48V 1A Specifications: Generates output pulses when alternating magnetic fields (actuators) pass near sensor Requires no external power Operates from zero speed to 20kHz Polarity of pulse determined by orientation of actuator Operates in rugged environment..
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Model: LED-RBG-CC5m
With the use of this 5 mm very bright RGB LEDs common cathode and a microcontroller, you can produce your desired mixture of colors. Using these RGB LEDs, you can make the overall look of your prototype and project attractive and brilliant. Specifications: RED Color frequency:630 - ..
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Model: GL5516 - 5mm
Specifications:  Photoresistor 5mm GL5516 LDR Photo Resistors Light-Dependent Resistor Condition: NEW Model: GL5516 Size: 5mm x 2mm Maximum Voltage: 150 Volt DC Maximum Wattage: 90mW Operating Temperature: -30 ~ +70 deg C Spectral Peak: 540nm Light Resistance (10 Lux): 5-10 Kohm Dar..
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Model: MMS
Description: This is a 3-terminal microswitch two pack, each equipped with a 17mm lever actuator. These switches have a great ‘clicky’ sound to them with a nice tactile feel and are perfect when used for a slider, 3D printer, or robot project. Each microswitch is rated for 5A at 250VA..
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