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Radar Module Microwave CMD324 - 24GHz

Radar Module Microwave CMD324 - 24GHz
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Radar Module Microwave CMD324 - 24GHz 


The basic principle behind radar is simple - extremely short bursts of radio energy (traveling at the speed of light) are transmitted, reflected off a target and then returned as an echo. Radar makes use of a phenomenon we have all observed, that of the ECHO principle.


1. Noncontact detection, moving object detecting
2. Transmitting frequency: 24GHZ, can be widely applied in business, industries, word controlling etc
3. Provide various frequency range standards:-UK,-F.advanced low consumption PHEMT oscillator
4. Independent transmitting and receiving route, can get the biggest gain,single channel operation
5. High sensibility,high flexibility,low cost,operating distance:15m
6. Not influenced by temperature, humidity, noise, air flow, dust, ray etc, adaptive to terrible environment
7. Strong radio frequency interference resistance, stable performance, swift response, high sensibility
8. Out put power is 5mW, does no harm to human bodies
9. Long distance detection range:15m
10. Small volume, easy to install
11. Radar wave can penetrate through non metallic object, such as board, glass, plastics, fabric textile etc,unless there are concrete wall or metal board to obstruct
12. Human beings or objects facing the sensor to move wil receive the best detection result

1. Don't operate during the power on in case of maloperation, wrong circuit or electric shock.
2. Avoid installing the product in exposed place to prevent damage or affecting using longevity.
3. Install the product far away from magnetic field in case of maloperation.
4. Install the product far away from moving conductors in case of maloperation.


1. Transmitting Frequency: Min:24GHz  Typ: 24.125GHz Max: 24.25GHz
2. Output Power: 16dbm (tpy)  
3. Operating Temperature: -20--60℃
4. Operating Current: tpy: 30mA, max:40mA
5. Operating Voltage: tpy: 5.5V
6. Pulse Width: tpy:10US
7. IF Output: -300--300mV
8. Appearance Size: 25*25*7mm(L*W*H)

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