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Probe Temperature Sensor PT100 - WZP

Probe Temperature Sensor PT100 - WZP
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Probe Temperature Sensor PT100 - WZP


The PT100 Temperature Sensor is a specific type of RTD that consists of an encapsulated platinum wire that increases its resistivity as the temperature increases, it has a resistivity of 100 ohm at 0ºC. It allows you to quickly and easily measure a wide range of temperatures.

An advantage of the PT100 sensor is that unlike other sensors that degrade over time and give erroneous readings, the PT100 opens the circuit and you can tell when it needs to be changed.

Among its most common applications is the measurement of ambient temperatures in buildings, air conditioning, machinery, control and monitoring of industrial processes, boilers, etc. 


  • Working Range: -200℃ up to +400℃
  • Class B: Accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C at 0ºC
  • Sensor diameter: Ø4x30mm
  • Cable length: 0.5m
  • External protection: Probe with metal cap
  • Interior protection: Fiberglass
  • Isolation Type: Waterproof
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