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Mini Submersible Water Pump 2.5 to 6V 1.5W 120L-H

Mini Submersible Water Pump 2.5 to 6V 1.5W 120L-H
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  • Model: Mini
  • Weight: 120.00g
  • Dimensions: 30.00mm x 45.00mm x 24.00mm
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Mini Submersible Water Pump 2.5 to 6V 1.5W 120L/H


Mini Submersible Water Pump for Fish Tanks and solar Panel Projects with a micro size motor.

Flow adjustable mini water pump is designed fully submersible for both fresh water and saltwater.
This pump creates water flow and aerates your aquarium to simulate natural ocean / river environment.
With 2 suction cups at the bottom and to be used in water only.


  1. Power Supply: lower than the safety voltage design of human body, without electric shock risk.
  2. Waterproof: after resin sealing, it can be used in water all the time.
  3. Low Noise: expert technology to reduce friction and vibration.
  4. Operation: brushless DC technology with wear-resistant materials, the pump can run continuously for 24 hours.
  5. Reliable Quality: made of durable ABS that is anti-corrosion, impact resistant.
  6. Suitable for the water circulation and filtration for oxygen in aquarium, pond, fountain, fish tank, etc.


  • Material: ABS
  • Input Voltage: DC5 V
  • Working voltage range: 2.5-6VDC
  • Power: 0.4-1.5W
  • Rated current: 130-220±20(mA)
  • Max static water head: 40-110cm / 15.75"-43.4"
  • Max static flow rate: 80-120L/H
  • Outside diameter of water outlet: approx. 7.5mm / 0.3"
  • Inside diameter of water outlet: approx. 4.7mm / 0.18"
  • Diameter: approx. 24mm / 0.95"
  • Length: approx. 45mm / 1.8"
  • Height: approx. 33mm / 1.30"
  • Wire length: about 15-20cm (Red: " + ", Black(white): " - ")
  • Material: engineering plastic
  • Driving mode: Brushless DC design, Magnetic driving
  • Continuous working life of 500 hours
  • Color : Withe or Black
  • IP grade: IP68

Working Environment:

  1. PH value: PH5-10(weak acid and weak base)
  2. Workable both on land and in water.
  3. Max noise: Under normal working condition, (1meter over the test instrument) <25dB


  • Soilless culture
  • Green wall decoration
  • Garden herbs
  • Pet drinking water
  • Fountain
  • Aquarium
  • Humidifier
  • Solar water circulation & water coolant of home appliance, etc.

Max working temperature:

  1. Under room temperature surroundings
  2. Fluid medium temperature ≤70℃
  3. Material: Plastic


Working at rated voltage (DC2.5-6V/130-220mA). The positive pole is red wire, the negative pole is black wire/blue wire.
This pump is centrifugal pump, it can't vent the air automatically, so it must be operated by submersible installation. (If outside water installation, you should make sure it is installed below the liquid surface)
When blocking, long-running is not allowed.
Preventing any hard particles entering the pumps.
The Max head means the static head. The pump can lift to the max height when there is no flow. If you want special flow at special height, you must choose more higher head than the height you want to pump.

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