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Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve 380 - 400V

Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve 380 - 400V
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Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve 380/400V


To give you a better understanding of pressure switches in general, I will explain on this page how they work.

Pressure switches are pressure actuated electrical switches. Wich simply means, that there is an electrical switch, which is forced open or closed by air pressure.

The air pressure at the inlet port acts on a flexible membrane. The pressure in transformed into a force. How much force depends on two things: the area (square mm’s) of the membrane and the pressure (bar) of the compressed air. Since the area is constant, the force generated is directly proportional to the air pressure.

The other side of the membrane is connected to a spring and a lever that acts on the electrical switch. As long as the downward force of the spring is higher than the upward force of the compressed air, the membrane (and lever) stay down.

But when the pressure rises, there comes a point where the upward force of the compressed air is higher than the downward force of the spring. The membrane (and lever) will move upward at this point. When the membrane moves upward, so does the lever. The lever in turn opens the electrical contacts and the compressor stops.

Now this isn’t a direct connection, but there is an ingenious mechanism inside, that makes the switch flip-over at once, at a certain pressure, and not slowly slowly (“snap-action”). This mechanism is also connected to the second set-screw which sets the differential pressure. For the inner workings of the pressure switch, this simply means that the switch closes again at a lower pressure than the pressure where the switch closes (built-in hysteresis).

Note: Please allow minor error due to manual measurement.

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.


  • Connection: 1/4 "female thread
  • On and off pressure adjustable from 3.0 to 12 bar
  • Max. Permissible pressure 12 bar
  • 3-phase for simultaneous switching of all 3 phases
  • Protection class IP44 (splash-proof)
  • Operating voltage / power: max. 500 Volt/20 amp.
  • For commercial compressors
  • You get a new mechanical diaphragm pressure switch as it does
  • In workshop and artisan compressors.
  • Off and on pressure can be adjusted variably.
  • Diaphragm pressure switch for 3-phase operation (380/400 Volt)!
  • Application: Compressed air compressors

Package Included:

1* Air Compressor Pressure Switch(Bag shipment)

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