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Model: UGPlus
USB to GPIB Controller Cable   UGSimple USB-GPIB Controller takes full speed USB 2.0 interface and is powered by USB. UGSimple Software includes three main elements: 1) One is the UGSimple control panel (UGSimple.exe), which is user friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI). User can control the..
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Model: V_Output
MPX5050DP  Differential Pressure Sensor 0 to 5V 50kPa Description: The MPXx5050DP series piezoresistive transducer is a state-of-the-art monolithic silicon pressure sensor designed for a wide range of applications, but particularly those employing a microcontroller or microprocessor wit..
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Model: V_Output
Accuracy    2.5 % Ambient Temperature Range High    125 °C Max Operating Temperature    125 °C Max Pressure    7 PSI Max Supply Voltage    5.25 V Min Operating Temperature    -40 °C Min Supply..
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Model: MDS-2
Description: This is the Magnetic Door Switch Set, a small reed switch assembly specifically designed to alert you when doors, drawers, or any other aperture opens. These types of switches are primarily used in home security systems. One half of the assembly set on a window or door frame and the ..
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Brand: ABB Model: CR-P230AC2
CR-P230AC2 Información General Extended Product Type: CR-P230AC2 Product ID: 1SVR405601R3000 EAN: 4013614498251 Catalog Description: CR-P230AC2 Pluggable interface relay 2c/o, A1-A2=230VAC, 250V/8A Long Description: The CR-P230AC2 ..
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Brand: Omron Model: 4PDT
Omron Non-Latching Relay The Omron MY series plug-in mount versatile non-latching relay has a contact configuration of 4PDT. It is actuated with 24VDC coil voltage and 5A switching current. This relay has a LED indicator and built-in diode. Features and Benefits Coil resistance is 636ohm C..
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Model: RT424024
Configuration: • Version: 8A ,Pinning 5mm, Flux Proof • Contact Arrangement: 2 Form C (CO) Contacts • Contact Material: AgNi 90/10 • Coil: 24 VDC  ..
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Model: USR-TCP232-302
USR-TCP232-302  /  RS232 to Ethernet converters 1 port RS232 to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-302 can transmit data transparently between TCP/IP and RS232. RS232 to IP Converters USR-TCP232-302 are widespread required in industrial automation. Simple configuration and easy to use. ●..
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Model: USR-TCP232-410S
USR-TCP232-410S / Modbus to Ethernet Converters Features of entry-level Modbus to Ethernet converters USR-TCP232-410S. ● 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 Modbus to Ethernet converters ● 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 Modbus Serial to Ethernet Converters ● Power supply accepts wide voltage input range DC 5-36V ● Su..
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Model: DPB-12
Features Rich colors Minimal size Long life, 200,000+ cycles Specifications Diameter: 12mm Degree of protection: IP67 Dielectric withstanding voltage: 2000VAC for 1min Contact resistance: 5MΩ(maximum) Life: 200,000 cycle..
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Model: W100
Operating voltage max.250V AC Current max.6A/250V AC Current with inductive load, max.6A Ambient temperature max.85°C Insulating resistance (500V DC)>100MOhm Body and rocker Nylon 6.6/UL94V2 Connections silver Quick-connect terminals 4,8 x 0,8mm Housing section 15mm Depth 18,1mm Out..
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Model: Solid State Relay SSR - 40A
Solid State Relay SSR - 40A 380VAC Control Voltage 3 - 32VDC Description: This is a Single-phase Solid State Relay SSR-40 DA. It can be driver by Arduino directly without any expanding circuit because of it's built-in opto-coupler. It has plastic protective cover that makes it a safer rela..
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