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Isolated RS-232/RS485 to 4 Port RS485 Hub Industrial Ethernet module

Isolated RS-232/RS485 to 4 Port RS485 Hub Industrial Ethernet module
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Isolated RS-232/RS485 to 4 Port RS485 Hub Industrial Ethernet module



This product is RS-485 bus split hub (HUB) designed to complex electromagnetic environments a RS-485 large-scale systems require  This product supports transmission rates of up 115.2kbps, in order
Ensure data communication from ground loops and common mode voltage difference influence, using optical isolation technology,
Provide 1000V isolation voltage. In order to prevent the introduction of lightning surge converters and equipment, built-in 600W Surge
Protection circuit. Power supply with external switching power supply, suitable for outdoor engineering applications.
In RS-485 mode, the built-in discrimination circuit can automatically sense the direction of data flow and automatically
Controls the transceiver state transition between the transceiver, converts RS-485 transceiver solve delay problems. RS-485 Interface
Transmission distance is greater than 1.2km, stable performance. Can be used in highway toll, video surveillance, building intercom,
PLC, card access control, power collection and industrial data acquisition systems.
hub offers star-RS-485 bus connection. Each port has a short circuit indicator and communication status indicator
Features. Users can easily improve the RS-485 bus structure, dividing segments, improve communication reliability, effective
Shorten the network maintenance time.


Compatibility:    EIA/TIA RS-485/RS-422  standard
Electrical Interface :   RS-485  Screw terminal  ,RS-232 DB9 serial female
Interface protection:  RS-485 600W lighting surge protection,
                                      RS-232 :± 15KV ESD protection
Transmission media: twisted pair
Number of nodes : MAX 128
Speed :           1200bps to 115.2kbps
Terminating resistor :built-in 120 Ohm
Isolation Voltage:1000V DC
Power Consumption : 1.5W @ DC 10-30V
Max.Distance :      4000ft(1200m)@19.2kbps
Operating Tem :     -30- +75°C
Operating Humidity : 25% to 95%(non-condensing)


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